Submit a Request for Classroom Technology Support

For help with anything involving classrooms, from technology malfunctions to problems with the physical environment (temperature, flooding, broken or missing furniture, etc.), the single point of contact is the Classroom Support Office

  1. Classroom support can be requested from the Classroom Technology Support page in the Division of Information Technology Service Catalog.
  2. Click the Report a Classroom Technologies Incident link.
  3. If you are directed to the Central Authentication Service (CAS) login page, enter your University Directory ID and Password and click Login.
    CAS login
  4. The Report a Classroom Technologies Incident form will open. Complete the following required fields: 
    • Requested For: By default this will populate to your name. If you want another point of contact, click the magnifying glass. In the Go to field (top of window) select the search for either User ID or Email. Once you enter this information, a line of information will show. Click on the underlined portion of the line to add information to the Incident.
    • Requested Response: Select from one of three choices:
      a) Need help now - interrupt class
      b) Wait until after class 
      c) Respond when possible.
    • Request Type: Select from one of three choices:
      a) User assistance
      b) Equipment failure
      c) Upgrade.
      d) Training Request
    • Campus Building: Click on the field and select a building.
    • Room Number: Once the building is selected, room numbers will correspond to the classrooms in the building selected. If you switch buildings, the room numbers will change.
    • Facility Type: Select the type of room (e.g., classroom, lecture hall).
    • The Details of Issue field must be filled in. You can use as much or little information as you like. If you need immediate assistance, you may want to include your cell phone number in this field. The more information you give the technician about your problem the easier it will be for them to bring the proper equipment to help resolve the issue quickly. Classroom support form
  5. Click Submit