Why Can't I Log into ELMS-Canvas

If you are experiencing a problem logging into ELMS-Canvas it may be due to one of the following issues.

Are you new to UMD?

If you are a new faculty member, the process of moving from being put on the payroll, to setting up your Directory ID (see below), to being entered into the Student Information System in association with the courses you are teaching can take several days, rarely less than 24 hours.

If you are a new student, it can take 1-2 days to set up your Directory ID (see below) and be enrolled in the ELMS-Canvas courses you registered for.

Use your Directory ID

Log into ELMS-Canvas (elms.umd.edu) using your Directory ID (not the 9-digit UID number) and passphrase. If you do not know your Directory ID, go to the Identity Verification site and fill in the appropriate information to determine what your Directory ID is. The first time you log into ELMS-Canvas you will be prompted to accept a terms of use agreement.

Is your passphrase expired?

Check to see if you are able to successfully log into another University enterprise system such as Testudo or Ares. If you are unable to log into another University system, it could mean that your passphrase has expired. University security policies require that passphrases be changed every 12 months. You can change your passphrase by visiting Reset a Lost or Forgotten University of Maryland Directory Passphrase.

Is your passphrase correct?

Check to see if your passphrase was entered correctly. Passphrases are case sensitive; make sure the CAPS LOCK key is not set to "on".

Are you an associate?

You are not a student or employee of the University of Maryland, but are asked to create an Associate Account and register it with ELMS-Canvas in order to be enrolled in a non-term-based course. You need to follow the steps in the Associate Accounts service  and click on the Create Associate Account link to proceed.

Has your account been terminated?

Students will lose access to their account data at the end of the term starting one year from their last registered semester.  See Overview of Account Terminations for Students for more details.

Faculty and staff will no longer have access to services when their affiliation with the university ends, whether by retiring, quitting or otherwise.   See Overview of Account Terminations for Faculty and Staff.

Get more support

If you continue to be unable to log into ELMS-Canvas, please provide us with more specific information about the login issue, such as any error messages you see by contacting the Service Desk at 301-405-1500.