Spanning Backup for Google Apps

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What is Spanning Backup?

Spanning Backup is a Software as a Service (SaaS) backup and recovery solution that will back up your Google Apps data and files in Gmail, Drive, Sites, Calendars and Contacts. Restoration can happen from any point in time and users can easily search and restore their own Google Apps data. Each user has unlimited backup storage.

Why use Spanning Backup?

With Spanning Backup, you can:

Also, each user has unlimited backup storage.

Who can use Spanning Backup?

Staff and faculty accounts (including graduate assistants) can use Spanning Backup.

Student, associate and affiliate accounts cannot use Spanning Backup.

Set up data to backup

Spanning has an easy-to-use search that helps to discover lost data quickly. Once the data is found it can be restored to your account or another's account. In addition to backing up and restoring Google data, you can also choose to export the mail in a standard file format. 

Automatic backups happen once a day at 8:00 AM daily. For more frequent backups, you can use Spanning Backup to manually back up your Google Workspace for Education account at any time.

  1. To open Spanning Backup, click on the grid in the upper right-hand corner of your window. Then, click More until you see the icon for Spanning Backup. Click on Spanning Backup to open that feature. 
  2. The Spanning Backup User window will open. On this window, you will see a Backup History, Backup Schedule, Exports and Account Information sections.
    • Backup History will show dots as either gray, green or yellow. Hover over the dot to see the day that the account was backed up.
    • A green dot means there are no problems with any account information.
    • A gray dot that means that the backup slot is empty. This appears on new accounts.
    • A yellow dot means there is a problem. Click on the dot to get more information.

      Row of gray dots with one green dot

  3. The Settings tab on the left allows you to select the information you wish to have backed up. Expand boxes (such as My Calendars) to see if you have any calendars you wish to remove from the backup (such as room calendars, co-worker's calendars, etc.).
  4. Search the History Tab for previous backups.

     span history


Restore backup data and files

  1. On the Spanning Backup User window, click Restore.
    NOTE: The Restore window will open to your Gmail tab but also has access to restore Google Drive files, Calendars, Contacts, and Sites.
  2. Click one or more emails that you wish to restore. You can also search by Date or Subject. Click the Restore button. 

    check off emails you want to restore

  3. The email will be returned to your Inbox with a Restored and Date label attached to the Subject line.

    Label in Subject line


Export backup data to a compressed file

  1. To Export your data as a compressed file, select the data you wish to Export, then click the Export button.
  2. Click Go at the Export from backup notice.
    NOTE: You will see an orange Export message at the top of your window showing the progress. This may take a few minutes depending on the amount of data you have selected.
  3. Once completed you will receive an email notifying you in the subject that Your Spanning Backup export is complete and ready for download. Open the email.
  4. Click the link: Please Login to Access your Export.
  5. You are put on the Spanning Backup User window. Under the Exports section, click Download to retrieve your compressed backup.
    NOTE: This download is only valid for approximately 14 days.
  6. You can then return to click on any of the tabs at the top and restore or export any data that is listed.