Tips and Tricks for Sorting in Google Mail in Chrome

Gmail is based on Search and not Sort so here are some ways you can sort Gmail messages:

Sort by Size

 enter size:5M

Sort by Subject

Only good for emails currently being viewed.

            * Ctrl + Shift + I (Windows)
            * CMD + Opt + I (Macintosh)

 Open Developer Tool Window

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Sort by Label

Articles can be assigned labels quite easily. On the left window under Compose you you can create labels by clicking the Create New Label link. To assign a label (e.g., Test Label) to an email,

The email will show the label in the Subject line and will continue to appear in your Inbox. To see only emails with a specific label, move your cursor to the left menu and click the label (e.g., Test Label) to see all the email.

Sort by label

Sort Read and Unread Mails

Hover over Inbox until you see a drop-down arrow.  Click the drop-down arrow and select the way you would like to receive your email.

Sort by unread mail 

Sort with filters 

Create any labels you may want to have for your Inbox.

Filter From line

To see the email click on the label you created (located under Compose) and you will see the email.