Shared Accounts in Google Workspace

Owners and co-owners (i.e. in this case delegates) are listed and managed in SIMS. If you are an owner, or a person having a delegated access to the shared account, you see it listed as an identity you own and can modify in Special Identity Management System (SIMS). Calendars can also be shared using the Google Settings interface like any Calendar folder.  

Granted access to a Shared Account

When you are granted access to a a shared accounts, you will receive 2 emails in your inbox. These emails inform you of your new access to a shared calendar that will have the same permissions as the Shared Account.

  1. Email notification of a calendar being shared with you.

    'Account has been shared with you' email

  2. Email invitation to open the account.

    Shared account invitation email.

NOTE: Access to the account will take up to an hour to become active. Once active, the account will show up in your list of accounts under your Google Avatar at the top right of your screen.

Access Account

Clicking on the account you wish to access will open it in a new tab and it will look like a regular email account.

  1. Click on the Account name and the Mailbox will open.

    Shared account access from Gmail.>

  2. The calendar will appear in your list of calendars (My Calendars).

    The shared calendar will show under My Calendars