Release Email from Quarantine

Staff Authorization Needed


An email the customer attempted to send from his or her University of Maryland G Suite for Education account was quarantined as spam. Customer received a bounce back email saying that their message "was flagged as potential junk mail and has been quarantined."

Steps for Service Desk

  1. Ask the customer for their Directory ID and day they sent their message.
  2. Open a new incident with the following information:
    • Customer's name, Directory ID, and phone number
    • An alternate email address, if possible
    • The date and time the message was sent
  3. Escalate the incident to dit-gafe-support with the information collected in Step #2.

Steps for dit-gafe-support

  1. Go to: and sign in.
  2. Click on Manage messages in assigned Policy, Virus or Outbreak Quarantines.
  3. Click on Search Across Quarantines.
  4. Search for the email by putting the customer's Directory ID in the Envelope Sender Contains field. Make sure the Message Received has the date range that the message was sent out.
  5. Click Search.
  6. If the email is in quarantine, the email will show up in the screen.
  7. Verify the subject line of the email.
  8. Check the box to the left, then click Release.
  9. Respond back to the customer, telling them you have released the email from quarantine, then update the ticket to let them know what you did.