Download and Install MATLAB Access for Everyone

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NOTE: MATLAB Grader is available for use in ELMS-Canvas for the UMD Community. 

What is MATLAB?

MATLAB is a high-level language and interactive environment that enables you to perform computationally intensive tasks faster than with traditional programming languages such as C, C++ and Fortran. 

Who can install MATLAB from TERPware?

Faculty, staff and students can use MATLAB, Simulink and other add-on Mathworks products on your personal computers and laptops. You will lose access to the software when you leave the university.

How to download and install MATLAB Access for Everyone

  1. Go to TERPware.
  2. Click on Log In and sign on.
  3. Type MATLAB in the Search bar and select PC, Mac or Linux to select the operating system.
  4. In the Software menu, select Analysis & Modeling, then click MATLAB. Depending on your university affiliation, you may want to select MATLAB for Students or MATLAB-Institutional (for staff and faculty).
  5. Go to MathWorks University of Maryland Portal.
  6. Click Download MATLAB and login.
    Download Matlab 
  7. If you have previously made a MathWork or MATLAB account, you can select Log in to your existing MathWorks Account. Otherwise, go to step 8.
  8. If you do not have a MathWork or MATLAB account, create a MathWorks account. Fill in all of the required fields as required. You MUST use an @UMD.EDU email account. Then, you'll need to:
    1. Open your University email inbox and the email that was sent to you from MathWorks, and click the confirmation tab  to verify your email address.
    2. Go back to MathWorks, and click MY Account tab at the top right corner.
  9. Click Download and select the version you would like to download.
  10. Select the Operating System you will be using Matlab on, and download.
  11. Run the Installer, wait for the installer to unpack and select Log in With MathWorks Account.
    Log in with a MathWorks Account is selected as the installation method.
  12. Under Select a License, select Academic - Total Headcount.
    Academic - Total Headcount license is selected on the License Selection screen.
  13. Choose an installation directory.
  14. Select the toolboxes you would like to download. Click Next and install.
  15. The software will install on your computer.