Download and Install SPSS for Students for Windows

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SPSS Statistics is a statistics application that provides a broad range of analytical capabilities. With SPSS Statistics, you can generate decision-making information quickly using powerful statistics, present results with high-quality tabular and graphical output, and share results using a variety of reporting methods, including secure Web publishing.

Obtaining an SPSS License

Before downloading SPSS from TERPware, you must procure a license for download access. An annual student license must be purchased from the Terrapin Technology Store. Annual licenses cost $60 USD and will remain active from July 1 of the current year to June 30 of the following year.


Download SPSS

All current versions of SPSS must be removed before downloading and installing SPSS from TERPware.

  1. Go to the TERPware to download the software.
  2. Click Log In on the horizontal navigation bar at the top of the screen. Enter your University Directory ID and passphrase.
  3. Under the PC tab, in the SOFTWARE menu, click Analysis & Modeling, then click SPSS for Students.
  4. In the Downloads section, click SPSS21Win.part1.exe and then SPSS21Win.part1.rar. This is a multi-part download. Download all of the files individually to the same folder. 

    SPSS Download Files



  1. Once all files are downloaded, open Windows Explorer to locate them on your computer (most likely located in the Downloads folder). Right click the SPSS21Win.part.1.exe file and select Run as Administrator. The computer will confirm if you want to run the file because it was downloaded from the internet. Click Yes.
  2. The WinRAR self-extracting archive window will open. Select the destination folder and then click Extract The default destination folder is the Downloads folder.

    WinRAR Self-extracting Window

  3. Once extracted, open Windows Explorer to locate the extracted folder on your computer (most likely the Downloads folder) and then double click the SPSS21Win folder.

    SPSS Win Download Folder

  4. Select the correct bit operating system for your computer.
    • For Windows 32 bit operating system, double click SPSS_Statistics_21_win32_ file.
    • For Windows 64 bit operating system, double click SPSS_Statistics_21_win64_ file.

      Select Operating System

  5. The computer will confirm if you want to run the file because it was downloaded from the internet. Click Yes.
  6. The IBM SPSS Statistics 21 InstallShield wizard will open. When prompted, click Next to begin.
  7. The License Type window will open, select Single user license then click Next.

    SPSS Single User License Selection

  8. The Software License Agreement window will open. Select I accept the terms in the license agreement and then click Next.
  9. The Customer Information window will open, enter a user name and the name of the organization then click Next.
  10. The Help Language window will open. English will be installed automatically as the default help language. To change or add additional help languages, click the box(es) next to the desired language(s) and then click Next.
  11. The Assistive Technology window will open. Select Yes or No to install JAWS (Windows screen reading software) then click Next. If you select Yes, follow the instructions on the screen during the installation process to enable JAWS.

    SPSS JAWS for Windows Screen Reader

  12. The Destination Folder window will open. Click Next to install SPSS Statistics 21 to the default folder.

    SPSS Install Folder

  13. The Ready to Install the Program window will open. Click Install to begin the installation process.

    Install SPSS

  14. Once installation is completed click Done.


Authorize SPSS

  1. Once the installation is completed, the License IBM SPSS Statistics 21 window will open. Click OK to begin the license authorization process.

    SPSS License Authorization Process

  2. The Product Authorization window will open. Select License my product now and click Next.

    SPSS Product Authorization

  3. The Enter Codes window will open. Enter the product code and then click Next to begin the authorization process. The product code is provided when the license is purchased.

    Enter SPSS Authorization Code

  4. The Internet Authorization Status window will open, and an automatic online authorization of the product code will begin. Allow the authorization to continue uninterrupted. Once the authorization is complete and the message Successfully processed all codes appears in the window, click Next.
  5. The Licensing Completed window will open with the message You have successfully licensed your Product displayed. Click Finish to complete installation.


Open SPSS for the first time

  1. Click the Start button, then select All Programs.
  2. Click IBM SPSS Statistic, then click IBM SPSS Statistic 21.