um3270 (MVS) Web Service


UM3270 is a web based application that will emulate an IBM 3270 terminal. Through this application, you will be able to access the University of Maryland's mainframe systems in a secure fashion. All communication between your web browser and the mainframe is encrypted. The application software that we use to accomplish this is called h3270. Some modifications have been made specifically for our site. The features that are unique to this University are:

• Users must log in to the University's Central Authentication Server. This security feature prevents non-University users from accessing the mainframe.

• The UM3270 screen has the IBM 3270 function keys attached to the right side.

• The connection URL is hard coded to the university's mainframe (

• To meet state auditor requirements, a timeout feature has been implemented. If there is no activity for one hour, the system will automatically disconnect your mainframe session.

Access the university mainframe

To access the University's mainframe, you must perform the following steps:

1. From the University of Maryland 3270 home page, click the Access UM3270 link.

2. The first time you access this site, you will be required to log in to the University's Central Authentication Server. Only users with a University Directory ID will be able to log in.

3. Upon a successful login, the 3270 screen will be displayed. Initially, you are disconnected from the mainframe. Click the Connect button to begin the mainframe login.

UM3270 Screen

4. Choose the mainframe system that you want to access. For example, to go to the Production CICS system, you would enter A and then press the Enter key.

Mainframe login

5. The next screen that will appear is the CICS Signon screen. Enter your mainframe User ID and Password. Then press the Enter key. This will log you into CICS.

CICS login screen

Exit UM3270

When you have finished your work, log out of the mainframe and close the UM3270 window.