Troubleshoot Browser Security Issues in ELMS-Canvas

Browser security settings such as those found in Chrome, Firefox and Safari are meant to enhance the security of the web page content. This can effect the successful loading of external tools in the ELMS-Canvas window and may also affect embedded videos. The problem occurs when the ELMS-Canvas system tries to host content that is located on a less secure server. There are several solutions for the problem:

• Course space developers can link to the external tool (e.g., Course Reserves) by selecting the Load this tool in a new tab option in the Configure External Tool pop-up window.

Load tool

• Course space developers can edit the URL associated with video embedded in a Page to ensure that the URL includes the https: protocol. To view this code, go to the Page on which the video should be visible, click Edit this Page, then click Switch Views at the top of the screen.  Locate the URL that identifies the location of the video and change http://to https:// then click Save.

Change https

• Course space viewers can click on the Shield icon on the left side of the URL bar (Firefox and Safari), right side of the URL bar (Chrome) to enable embedded, insecure (HTTP) content to load in the ELMS-Canvas window.

Security Shield