Configure the Spectrum Protect 8.1.x Backup-Archive Client Scheduler for Macintosh

This knowledge base entry is relevant for older versions of Spectrum Protect that the Division of Information Technology (DIT) will cease supporting in the near future. It has been maintained here temporarily as DIT migrates data backup services to a new architecture. Visit Data Backup for updated service information and to request migration to the updated backup service environment.

Open the Spectrum Protect(SP) Backup/Archive Client Graphical User Interface (GUI) from the Applications menu from a Finder window.

  1. Go to Finder, Applications, then Spectrum Protect.
  2. Use the SP Tools for Administrators application in order to access to SP  Backup/Archive Client GUI with administrator privileges. If you do not see the window as below, then you did not open SP Tools for Administrators application.
  3. Click Spectrum Protect  from within SP Tools for Administrators.
  4. Enter your Mac username and password when prompted.
  5. Enter your SP node password.
  6. You must now review your Preferences by clicking on Edit, then Client Preferences.

    Client Preferences

  7. Navigate to Authorization on the left pane of the Preferences window. Set Password Access to generate by selecting the radio button next to Password Generate.
  8. Click Apply to save the setting. Click OK on the warning displayed.

    Password Generate

  9. Next, navigate to Web Client on the left side pane.
  10. Under Managed Services, select Schedule.
  11. Click Apply to apply the change. Click OK on the warning displayed.

    Select Schedule

  12. Exit the SP  Backup/Archive Client GUI by clicking on File, then Exit.
  13. Now setup the actual TSM Client Acceptor Daemon. This Daemon is responsible for contacting the SP  server periodically for backup services.
    1. Click on SP Tools for Administrators once more.
    2. Select Start the Client Acceptor Daemon. Click OK.
    3. Click OK in the warning dialog.
    4. Enter your Mac username and password for administrator privileges.
    5. You should see that the Client Acceptor Daemon started successfully with a PID number.

You have successfully installed and configured your SP Backup/Archive Client GUI. Your system will be henceforth backed up regularly from a SP central backup schedule. To check what SP does on a daily basis, open /Library/Logs/tivoli/tsm/dsmsched.log with a text reader and examine for any error notifications. Ideally, you should see entries such as the following:

01/21/2010 15:45:27 Scheduler has been started by Dsmcad.
01/21/2010 15:45:27 TSM Backup-Archive Client Version 6, Release 1, Level
01/21/2010 15:45:27 Querying server for next scheduled event.
01/21/2010 15:45:27 Node Name: CHET-MACTEST.UMD.EDU
01/21/2010 15:45:27 Session established with server TSMUMD01: AIX-RS/6000
01/21/2010 15:45:27   Server Version 5, Release 5, Level 3.0
01/21/2010 15:45:27   Server date/time: 01/21/2010 15:45:28  Last access:
01/21/2010 15:44:27

01/21/2010 15:45:27 --- SCHEDULEREC QUERY BEGIN
01/21/2010 15:45:27 --- SCHEDULEREC QUERY END
01/21/2010 15:45:27 Next operation scheduled:
01/21/2010 15:45:27
01/21/2010 15:45:27 Schedule Name:         OSFILES-WEEKDAY-INCR-1200
01/21/2010 15:45:27 Action:                Incremental
01/21/2010 15:45:27 Objects:              
01/21/2010 15:45:27 Options:              
01/21/2010 15:45:27 Server Window Start:   12:00:00 on 01/22/2010
01/21/2010 15:45:27
01/21/2010 15:45:28 Scheduler has been stopped.