Set Preferences and Configure the Tivoli Storage Manager 6.2 Client Scheduler for Macintosh

NOTE: This knowledge base entry is relevant for older versions of Tivoli Storage Manager that the Division of Information Technology (DivIT) will cease supporting in the near future.  It has been maintained here temporarily as DivIT migrates data backup services to a new architecture.  Please visit for updated service information and to request migration to the updated backup service environment.

  1.  You are now required to review your Preferences by clicking on Edit then Client Preferences from the GUI.

    Select Client Preferences

  2. Navigate to Authorization on the left pane of the Preferences Dialog Box. Set Password Access to generate by selecting the radio button next to Password Generate. Click Apply then OK.

    Set Password Access

  3. Navigate to Web Client on the left side pane. Under Managed Services select the Schedule radio button. Click Apply to apply the change. Click OK on the warning displayed.

    Apply your change

  4. Now, it's time to setup the actual TSM Client Acceptor Daemon. This Daemon is responsible for contacting the TSM server periodically for backup services.

  5. Most clients will run on a server initiated schedule. To configure the daemons that need to run on the host for scheduled backups, perform the following steps:

    • In the main TSM Client GUI Screen, select utilities, select Setup Wizard.

    • Once in the TSM Client Configuration Wizard screen, check the box labeled Help Me configure the TSM Client Scheduler Click Next.

    • Ensure the Install a new or additional scheduler radio button is checked.

    • Name the scheduler TSM Client Scheduler.

    • Use the local machine for the scheduler.
      IMPORTANT: check the box labeled Use the Client Acceptor Daemon (CAD) to manage the scheduler. Click Next.

    • Name the TSM acceptor TSM Client Acceptor. Click Next.

    • The default options file (C:\Program Files\tivoli\tsm\baclient\dsm.opt) should be used. Click Next

    • The port 1581 is acceptable. Click Next.

    • Verify the node name is correct. Fill in the your new password. Leave the check box labeled Contact the TSM Server to Validate Password unchecked. Click Next

    • The system account should be fine for use by the scheduler.
      IMPORTANT: Make sure the radio button for Automatically when Windows boots is selected. Click Next.

    • The default log files should be used. They reside in C:\Program Files\Tivoli\TSM\baclient. Click Next.

    • Click Next to start the service upon completion of the wizard. 

    • Click Finish and the client will try to authenticate to the TSM server using the password supplied in step h. If errors occur, please contact for assistance. Upon successful completion a box with the wording Scheduler service successfully installed should appear.

Good Job! You are now done with successfully installing and configuring your Tivoli Storage Manager Backup/Archive Client. Your system will be henceforth backed up regularly from a TSM central backup schedule.