Download, Install, and Run Identity Finder for Macintosh OS X 10.9 - 10.11

Table of contents

Identity Finder is an application that scans files on computing systems and identifies patterns that correspond to sensitive data such as social security numbers (SSNs) and credit card numbers. Once sensitive information has been identified, it must be manually secured or deleted. This application must be installed on all university-owned systems, as it will be vital to ensuring the security of data stored on these systems.


Contact your departmental Information Technology (IT) staff to receive a copy of Identity Finder.



  1. Locate the Identity file on your computer's hard drive.
  2. Double-click the file icon. The exact title of this .zip file will vary by department or unit.
    Install Identity Finder
  3. An IdentityFinderMac folder will open. Double-click the IdentityFinder folder to open the installer.
    Double-click IdentityFinder file
  4. Right-click the IdentityFinderMac.pkg file and select Open.
    Open installer
  5. A warning message about the software being untrusted may open.  This is a known issue. Click OpenUntrusted Publisher warning
  6. The Install Identity Finder window opens. Click Continue.
    Install Identity Finder Installer
  7. The Select a Destination window will open. Select Macintosh HD as the installation destination. Click Continue.
    Select Destination
  8. The Standard Install on Macintosh HD window will open. Click Install.
    Standard Install
  9. A software installation warning window may open. Enter an administrator name and password in the Name and Password fields, respectively. Click Install Software.
    Enter computer name and password
  10. The Installation was successful window will open. Click Close.
    Installer is Done



  1. Launch the Identity Finder application. You will be asked to create a new Identity Finder profile password, enter and confirm a password in the Enter Password and Confirm Password fields. Click OK.
    Identity Finder Profile Password
  2. Your Profile Password has been set. Click OK.
    Password set confirmation
  3. The Search Setup window will open. Click Search.
    Search setup
  4. The Identity Finder will run. This duration of this process varies. We recommend starting this process at the end of your work day to allow ample time for completion
    Identity Finder