Download and Install Identity Finder for Windows

Identity Finder is an application that scans files on computing systems and identifies patterns that correspond to sensitive data such as Social Security Numbers (SSNs) and credit card numbers. Once sensitive information has been identified, it must be manually secured or deleted. This application must be installed on all university-owned computers, as it will be vital to ensuring the security of data stored on these systems.

To learn how to download and install Identity Finder for Windows, follow the steps listed below:


Contact your departmental Information Technology (IT) staff to receive a copy of Identity Finder.


1. Locate the Identity-Finder installation file on your computer's hard drive. Double-click the Identity-Finder installation file icon.

Identity Finder Install icon

2. A User Account Control window will open. Click Yes.

Windows Install Warning

3. The Identity Finder Endpoint window will be displayed as the client is installed.

Identity Finder Endpoint window
4. Once installation is complete, Identity Finder will launch.  A Customer Experience Program window will open. Click OK.

NOTE: Do not select the checkbox Yes, I am willing to anonymously participate in Customer Experience.

Customer Experience Program window

5. The Identity Finder Password Profile window will open. This window will ask you to create a password to protect your Identity Finder profile. Enter a memorable password and click Next.

NOTE: At this time, Identity Finder does not have the ability to integrate with University of Maryland Directory IDs and  passwords.

Identity Finder Password Profile

6. A Profile Password Set window will open. Click OK.

Profile Password Set

7. Identity Finder is now installed. The Search Wizard window will open. Click the Continue Search Wizard icon.

Identity Finder Search Wizard

8. The Search Wizard window will open. Select Configure Search.

Search Wizard window

9. The Automatic Search Using AnyFind window will open. Social Security Numbers and Credit Card Numbers should be preselected. Click Next.

Automatic Search window

10. The Locations window will open. Select My Computer. Click Next.

Locations window

11. The Confirmation window will open. Click Finish.

Confirmations window

12. The Identity Finder window will open and initiate a scan of your system.

Identity Finder Window