Share a File or Folder with Collaborators in Box

Box allows users to quickly share content with collaborators by sending files or providing links. To learn how to send a file or folder link to collaborators via email, follow the steps listed below:

  1. On the All Files and Folders Tab of the Box User Homepage, mouse over the desired file or folder and click Share.
    Click Share
  2. The Shared Link window will open. A secure URL for the file or folder will be displayed in the Shared Link field.
    Shared Box image

  3. There are two ways to share a file or folder.

    • As a Shared Link. 
      - Click Shared link is enabled
      - Click Invited people only
      - Click the option desired
      Enable Shared link
      You can send the link to people outside of UMD.  With the option, Invited people only, the recipient must have a BOX account.  If they do not have a BOX account, they will be given the opportunity to create one.
      Send a Box Invite to outside collaborators

    • Enter an email address(es) in the Email Address field. Click Send.
      NOTE: Multiple email addresses entered in the Email Address field must be separated by commas. A notification will be sent via email to collaborators whose email addresses have been added to this field.
      Send Invites for Box
  4. Click the Gear icon to open the Shared Link Advanced Settings window. From this window, you can:
  5. Enter a custom URL or set a link expiration at your discretion, then click Save to close the Shared Link Advanced Settings window and return to the Shared Link window.
    Custom URL and Link Expiration features
  6. Click Close to close the Shared Link window. 

NOTE: Box will default to Collaborators Only Access for recipients in the Share File pop-up window. Recipients without a Box account may only preview the contents of a link and will be unable to use other collaboration features without a Box account. To learn more about Box's Collaborator Access Types visit Different Collaborator Access Types in Box