Link an Online File Storage Service to TerpDrives

TerpDrives is a service that can link a number of online file storage services to any workstation with a Windows operating system. Storage services that are linked to TERPdrives become available drives on a workstation, allowing you to store, retrieve, and transfer files between the storage service and a workstation. Get answers to commonly asked questions about TerpDrive.

TerpDrives is only available on workstations with a Windows operating system and an installed TerpDrives client. The service is available in several computer labs across campus. Contact a computer lab manager with questions about availability. Follow the steps below to link an online file storage service to TerpDrives

1. Log into a workstation.

2. Open a web browser and go to the TerpDrives Set Up webpage.

NOTE: The TerpDrives Set Up webpage may contain references to Kumo or Indiana University. These references are in place for proprietary purposes only and will not affect access to TerpDrives or TerpDrives performance.

3. Click Log In.

TerpDrives Log In

4. The Central Authentication Service (CAS) window will open. Login, the TerpDrives Set Preferences window will open.

6. Click an online file storage service icon to select which service to link to TerpDrives. Click Authorize

TerpDrives Authorize

8. A login window for the storage service will open. Enter a user information in the respective fields.

9. Click Authorize.

Cloud Location Authorization

10. Click Grant access to [Storage Service].

Cloud Location Grant Access

11. The TerpDrives Set Preferences window will re-open. The online file storage service that has been authorized will be marked with a checkmark, confirming TerpDrives access. Repeat steps 6-10 to authorize TerpDrives access to another storage service.

Cloud Location Authorized

12. Storage services that have been authorized for TerpDrives access can be viewed through a Windows Explorer window. To view storage services linked to TerpDrives, click the Windows Explorer icon in the taskbar.

Windows Explorer

13. With a Windows Explorer window open, click Computer to view all available hard drives, including all authorized storage services.

TerpDrives Drive Map