Log in to CICS with Multiple Virtual Storage (MVS)

Follow the steps below to use any tn3270 terminal emulation software (tn3270, Host Explorer).

  1. Go to um3270 Web interface. Log in using your Directory ID and password.
  2. Click Connect at the bottom right.
  3. Enter the letter A (in upper or lowercase) to get to MVS/CICS Production Login Screen.
  4. The cursor will be positioned in the USERID: field. Enter the userID, press the Tab key, enter the password (which will not show up on the screen), then press Enter.

    Login Screen: Password

  5. Menu selections vary depending on an individual's access. Some applications may reside on the Production CICS Main Menu. The more common applications, such as SIS, HRS and SAR reside within the CP-ONE Online Navigation Environment menu.

    Back to Production CICS Main Menu

  6.  To access CP-ONE, enter the number shown next to that menu item and press Enter.

NOTE: Users will have different options depending on what kind of access they have.