Reset a Lost or Forgotten University of Maryland Directory Passphrase

To learn how to use a recovery phone to reset your Directory passphrase, view Use a Recovery Phone for Forgotten Passphrase.

  1. In your browser, go to Passphrase Management. While you work through the Directory ID pages, do not click the back button on the browser window.
  2. On the Passphrase Management page, click the Forgot Passphrase link.
  3. The Forgotten Passphrase page will open. This page will help you validate your information. Enter your Directory ID and click Submit
  4. The Security Question Verification page will open. Complete the fields and click Update Security Questions.
  5. The Update Passphrase page will reopen with a Congratulations! We have confirmed your identity. Please enter your new passphrase message displayed. Enter the passphrase you wish to use in the New Passphrase field. Re-enter the new passphrase in the Re-enter New Passphrase field. Click the Update Passphrase button.
  6. Once you have correctly created the Directory ID passphrase, you will see an optional invitation to set up your security questions. If the security questions have already been created, you will see an invitation to change them.