Change a Multiple Virtual Storage (MVS) Password

Multiple Virtual Storage (MVS) users may change their password at anytime within the software. When logging-in for the first time, after a password reset, or when the password has expired, the window will automatically initiate the password change procedure. NOTE: MVS passwords must be changed every 180 days.

  1. From the Production Customer Information Control System (CICS) Main Menu, enter the number preceding the TOOLS - General Utility Tools menu choice (e.g., in this example it is 6).
    Note: This number choice is going to vary from user to user depending on his/her access.
  2. Enter the number choice for PASSWORD Password Change Utility.


  3. Enter your current password
  4. Press Tab if the cursor doesn't automatically jump to the first New Password field.
  5. Enter in the new password which must be 8 alphanumeric characters long and a password that has not been used within the last 20 passwords.
  6. Press Tab if the cursor doesn't automatically jump to the Verify New Password field.
  7. Reenter the new password.
  8. Press Enter.
  9. If you were successful, you will see the message YOUR PASSWORD HAS BEEN CHANGED.
  10. To exit to the previous window (the Production CICS Main Menu), press F3.