Combine Sections and Courses in ELMS-Canvas

Instructors can use the ELMS-Canvas Management Tool to request to combine sections and courses in ELMS-Canvas. This may be of interest in particular to instructors who teach an honors version of a course.  By default courses such as HIST200H and HIST100 are considered to be two different courses, even when taught by the same instructor. Using the Combine Sections and Courses tool will merge the enrollments of sections associated with both courses space into one ELMS-Canvas course space; e.g. HIST200/HIST200H. The requester must be an instructor in all courses/sections that will be merged.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Using this tool to move a section or course/section AFTER the course has been published and students have submitted assignments and/or received grades is problematic. While the student enrollments will move with the section to the new course, their submissions and grades will not.

  1. Log into the ELMS Management Tool.
  2. Select the Combine Sections and Courses link.
  3. Select a term from the Select term: menu.
  4. Select the parent course or section from the Courses list. If you select a parent course with several associated sections, all of those sections will be listed in the Mapped Sections box.
  5. (Optional) Type in another instructor directory id to list their sections when combining sections of different instructors. 
  6. Select one or more courses or sections from the Unmapped Sections box to merge into the parent course. To select more than one section/course, select section/course then CTRL-click (Windows) or CMD-click (Mac) on any other course/sections. 
  7. Select the Copy button after selecting sections from the list to add them to the second box list. 
  8. Select the Confirm button to complete the action.

It can take up to an hour for the enrollments associated with the unique course/sections to appear in the new combined space. Links to the unique course/section spaces will cease to be visible to the members once the new space has been created by the merging activity.

NOTE: A message will display in the Combine Sections and Courses tool in the ELMS Management tool if:

The only time a message will not be displayed is when an ELMS-Canvas course is not published, no content, does not have grades, and does not have a submission.

Duplicating Course Spaces Note: If you are interested in having two course spaces with the same student enrollments (e.g., 0101 LAB and 0101 LECTURE spaces), this duplication action can only be performed by an ELMS-Canvas administrator. Request assistance for such requests by reaching out to Use the term duplicate or clone in your request.

NOTE: If an ELMS-Canvas section is canceled via SIS then the canceled section enrollments will disappear in the ELMS-Canvas course after the morning load. However, the section where the instructor was active will still remain in the ELMS-Canvas course. If an instructor would like to have this section removed, have them email to get this accomplished.