Add a Designer or Observer to an ELMS-Canvas Course Space

Designers can manage course content and can view some identifiable student data (e.g., the People tool) and discussion posts, but cannot see or edit grades. Observers function similarly to a student, but can not view discussions or participate in any assignments; observers can, however, view assignment descriptions. This role is appropriate for ADA support. The Designer and Observer roles can be requested by a course instructor or course manager or an ELMS-Canvas administrator.

  1. Log into The ELMS Management Tool.
  2. Click Manage Enrollments.
  3. Select a term from the Select term: menu.
  4. Click the course name in the Select Course: field.
  5. Select either a Course Level or a specific section in the Select Section: field.
  6. Enter the user's university Directory ID or UID number in the Add Users: field.
  7. Choose either the Designer or Observer radio button to Select Role, then click the Submit button.

The requester will receive confirmation that the Designer or Observer request is pending in the Current Additions field. A member of the Division of Information Technology Learning Technologies staff will approve the request.