Guidelines for Establishing a New Listserv List

Listserv lists are a service provided by the Division of Information Technology (IT) at the University of Maryland. Listserv lists are designed to provide an electronic subscriber service for groups and organizations whose primary focus is scholarly research and academic enhancement, and who are affiliated with the University System of Maryland.

Guidelines for approving a new Listserv list on a Division of IT machine:

The list owner must either be a faculty member or full-time staff member at the College Park campus. A non full-timer may be designated for the day-to-day operation of the list. 

  1. The amount of disk storage required should not exceed the levels typical of other Listserv lists. 
  2. The person or group requesting a Listserv list must commit to maintaining the list. 
  3. List names may be no longer than 24 characters.
  4. Listserv cannot be used for commercial purposes. 
  5. The Listserv list should advance the educational mission of the University of Maryland.

The Division of IT, as the provider of the host machine, reserves the right to discontinue any unsatisfactory Listserv list. Reasons might include:

  1. The transmittal of materials that violate the rules of the network used by the Listserv list.
  2. The Listserv list is not adequately maintained (e.g., uses excessive computer resources, contains invalid mail addresses, etc.) 
  3. The Listserv list is not used for three months. 
  4. Complaints from networks servicing the Listserv list that concern violations of their guidelines or the University's Policy for the Acceptable Use of Computing Resources

Information on how to request a new Listserv can be found in the article How to Request and Administer Listservs.

Questions about this policy should be directed to The Division of Information Technology Policy and Planning.