Manage Course Navigation in ELMS-Canvas for Instructors

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The course Navigation menu provides the means by which instructors and students will access content and tools within the ELMS-Canvas course space. Menu links provide access to content and tools in the course for members of the course. Links are hidden from student view in two situations:  content has not yet been developed in a linked area (e.g., quizzes or discussions) or an instructor has used the drag and drop feature in the Settings-->Navigation tab to hide them from students.

Manage course navigation

By default, most links are enabled for all courses. Third party LTI tools are not included in the course menu unless they have been enabled within the course. Links cannot be renamed.

Links to items that don't have any content and that students cannot create content for display a hidden icon. For example, if there are no learning outcomes set for the course, instructors, TAs and designers will see the "Outcomes" link with a disabled display icon to its right, but students will not see the link at all.


Reordering and hiding menu content

To reorder items on the Navigation menu or hide them from student view, click on the Settings link at the bottom of the Navigation menu.

In Course Navigation, click the Settings link. Click the Navigation tab.
Navigation tab


Reorder navigation links

Navigation links in the upper frame represent links that will be visible to students once content is associated with them. Navigation links in the lower frame are hidden from students in the Navigation menu.

Drag and drop items to reorder link items in the Navigation menu or to hide them from or show them to students. You can alternatively click on the Ellipsis associated with a link item in order to Move it to a specific position or simply to Enable it (move it to the visible frame).Click the Save button when you are finished reordering everything.

Navigation drag and drop