TERPware Software Distribution Service Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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What is TERPware?

TERPware is a software distribution service for University of Maryland (UMD) students, faculty and staff. TERPware offers a wide variety of software packages at no charge, including site-licensed products from Adobe, Microsoft and other vendors. Software packages include programs for operating systems, office applications and antivirus software. The university pays for the product licenses through agreements with vendors, allowing students, faculty and staff to use the programs available through TERPware free of charge. The TERPware server is regularly updated, so patches and upgrades for UMD-supported software are consistently available.


How do I download and install TERPware software?

Go to terpware.umd.edu. TERPware should automatically detect your platform (Windows, Macintosh or Linux) and display the relevant available software both in the main frame and in the category listing on the left. If you don't see the software for your operating system, click the button for your operating system at the top of the left navigation column.

To begin downloading the software you want, navigate to the software, click Log In. This will give you access to downloads and product keys. After logging in, click Download. Follow any on-screen prompts.


Do I own the software I download from TERPware?

You do not technically own TERPware software loaded onto your computer; however, as long as you are a student, faculty member or staff member at UMD, you are entitled to use the software, subject to the terms and conditions specified by UMD and the publishers of the software. When you leave UMD, you must remove some software that you obtained through TERPware. Graduating students may retain Microsoft products. Please see the individual products in TERPware for specific requirements.


Can I download software from TERPware from off campus?

Yes, however your Internet connection speed will greatly impact the duration of the download.


Who is eligible to download software from TERPware?

At the University of Maryland, the following are eligible to obtain university-distributed software from TERPware:

Windows-specific information

The TERPware installer will need to be extracted. Navigate to the directory on your computer where you saved the downloaded program and double-click its icon. Double-click the installer icon and follow the prompts to install.

Mac-specific information

The TERPware installer will need to be extracted. This includes decompressing files, mounting disk images, running installer packages or, in cases where there is no installer, placing the software into your download folder. If the downloaded files are not automatically opened or installed, double-click the downloaded disk image or compressed file. Once the image mounts on your desktop or is otherwise unarchived, to install it, either open any included installer package or drag and drop the software into your Applications folder.


What about multi-part software packages in TERPware?

Multi-part software packages are available for some of the larger downloads on TERPware.


In Windows, the first file in a multi-part download will always end with part01.exe, whereas the others will end with partN.rar (where N is a number).

Save all files in a multi-part download to the same location (e.g., the desktop or another folder). Once you have downloaded all available files, double-click the first file in the set. The installation process will begin.


In MacOS , the first file in a multi-part download will always have a .zip extension; any others will have .zippart extensions. The files are numbered, but you can download them in any order.

Download the parts and save them to the same folder. To mount the disk image, in the Finder, double-click any of the files. You can then run the installer to install the software.

NOTE: Versions of Safari prior to 5.1 will attempt to mount .dmg and .dmgpart files by default. If you attempt to download a multi-part file, Safari will display a Mounting failed error in the Downloads window. You may disregard this error and continue downloading the remaining parts. Once all the parts have finished downloading double-click any of the files in the Finder to mount the disk image.


What if my download is interrupted?

If your download is interrupted due to loss of Internet connection, it should resume once the connection is restored. If it does not, try to download the file again. TERPware downloads are unlimited.


What about software product keys?

Some software offered by TERPware requires a product key. You will typically enter this key during the installation process. NOTE: Do not share these keys with others, they are assigned to you and are linked to your account. You will have access to your product keys after logging in under the My Product Keys tab on the main page. Other software product keys, such as SPSS, need to be purchased from the Terrapin Technology Store. To learn how to obtain a product code, contact the Terrapin Technology Store.