Change Your University of Maryland Directory ID

You can change your Directory ID by submit a request to the Service Desk. Keep in mind the following, after submitting your request:

  1. The official change takes approximately 48 hours.

    During this period, there may be some difficulty logging in and accessing Directory services. This interruption is typically temporary. However, you should be aware that if you encounter such issues, you must wait until the ID change has been processed to log in with your new Directory ID.

  2. ELMS-Canvas users may experience an additional 48-hour delay in access after directory change.

    During the ID change, nothing can be done to speed up your access to services such as ELMS-Canvas. It is recommended that you do not change your Directory ID during the semester, especially if you are enrolled in a term-based course as a student, instructor, or TA.

  3. Your TERPmail account name will be changed to match your new Directory ID.

    Your old account name will remain as an alias for one year. During that year, though your account name has been permanently changed, any emails sent to your old Directory ID will be forwarded to your account. This grace period gives you an opportunity to inform all contacts in your address book of your new email address. After one year, forwarding will stop.

  4. Listserv accounts will be automatically updated.

    You will not need to take any special action to update your mailing information for a Listserv. Your listserv account will be automatically updated when you change your Directory ID.

  5. New Directory ID will be automatically added to Google Groups (formerly Coursemail).

    Your new Directory ID will be added to any Google Groups (formerly Coursemail) you belong to. However, you must contact the instructor who manages the list to have them manually remove your old email account.

  6. Off campus non-UMD mailing lists must be handled by that list's policies.

    After your Directory ID change has processed, any off-campus non-UMD mailing lists must be updated according to the policy set by the mailing list owners or administrators. Provide your new email address to each mailing list per those guidelines.

  7. Update your Email Client.

    You may be using a mail client on your mobile device or on your computer that will require you to re-add your UMD account in order to properly display your new Directory ID. Once the new account is successfully working and you have transferred any data saved locally to your device, you can remove the old account. You may want to contact your Campus Help Desks or the Call Center at 301-405-1500 for assistance with this step.

  8. Reset your passphrase (Recommended)

We recommend that you reset your Directory passphrase after you change your Directory ID. To learn more, view Reset a Lost or Forgotten University of Maryland Directory Passphrase.