Enterprise Learning Management System (ELMS-Canvas)

ELMS-Canvas is the online environment that supports teaching and learning at the University of Maryland. As an acronym it stands for both the Enterprise Learning Management System that provides the architecture that houses course materials, as well as an expression of the mission of the environment: Enhancing Learning for Maryland Students. Instructure's Canvas provides the infrastructure for ELMS.


To orient yourself see ELMS-Canvas Faculty Tutorial. (You should not be logged into Canvas when you access this space.) For assistance with ELMS-Canvas course design or tool use, please email ltdesign@umd.edu.


To orient yourself see the self-paced tutorial, Orientation to ELMS for Students.  Student should not be logged into ELMS when accessing this orientation if they wish to participate in check-your-knowledge quiz questions. For assistance with any issues you many encounter in student-related ELMS-Canvas activities, please email itsupport@umd.edu.