Position Windowgrams on the Screen in Zephyr Using TerpConnect

Note: All of the documents on Zephyr are based on Zephyr on Athena (AC-34) Draft from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). They have been modified to reflect the TerpConnect computer system environment. A copyright and trademark notice appears at the bottom of each Zephyr document to give proper credit.

To change where Zephyr notices appear on your screen you need to edit the ~/.Xresources file. You specify the x and y coordinates for a corner of the window by using either numbers or special characters (e.g., "c" for center) along with pluses or minuses to indicate a relative position.

The syntax for a line that positions windowgrams is: 

zwgc.style.class.instance*geometry:  +c+c

where class.instance are the specific class and instance for which you want to position the windowgram.

The following is an example of two lines that might be used in the .Xresources file:

zwgc.style.message.urgent*geometry:  +c+c
zwgc.style.message.personal*geometry:   -0-0

These lines would position urgent messages in the center of your screen, personal messages in the lower right corner, and by default, the others would appear in the upper left corner.

If you simply wanted all of your Zephyr notices to appear in the lower left, for example, you could add this line to your .zwgc.desc file: 

zwgc*geometry: +0-0

For more details on positioning windowgrams, refer to the document How to Set Variables for TerpConnect UNIX X Window Login Session

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