Service Desk Supported Services, Systems and Policies

Table of contents

The Service Desk is the main point of contact for IT services at the University of Maryland College Park. We provide support to the faculty, staff, students, and affiliates of the University of Maryland via self-service portal, chat, email and phone.

The mission of the Service Desk is to provide front-line support for division systems and services. This support is provided in the following manner.

The Service Desk supports recent versions of listed operating systems and software that are compatible with services and systems unless a particular version is specified in the list.

Any software, hardware, and technology not listed below are considered to be outside the scope of the Service Desk support parameters. This does not necessarily mean other software, hardware and technology are "banned" or "not recommended." This simply signifies that the Service Desk cannot provide assistance with every technology. Below is a list of services and systems supported by the Service Desk.

IT services and systems

Email and calendaring systems

Gmail accessed through a web browser, Gmail mobile app, Outlook app, or Mail app is supported by the service desk.


Hardware service and repairs

The Service Desk no longer provides warranty hardware repairs for personal Apple and Dell equipment. Institutionally owned Dell and Apple devices will incur a $100 diagnostic fee to support the availability of the service on campus. If the device is covered by the company warranty, there will be no additional fee. If the device is out of warranty, the unit will need to cover the cost of any parts required for the repair. Units may also work with Apple or Dell directly for institutional repairs. For more information, see Changes to DIT Computer Sales and Repair Services.


Wired internet computer connectivity

Wired Internet access is provided to all University members through connectivity jacks in offices and dorm rooms. Because it is faster than wireless access, a wired connection is recommended for items transferring a large amount of data, such as gaming consoles.


Wireless internet computer connectivity

UMD provides three wireless internet connectivity networks on campus: eduroam, umd-guest, and umd-iot.


System access

The Service Desk will help all individuals authorized to use these systems with any problems involving access to the systems. System usage questions may be referred to specific support staff for that system or on-line documentation.


Commonly-used web browsers

The Service Desk strives to support the newest versions of these web browsers as they come out. The support goal of the Service Desk is to ensure that you can access and use division services and systems with these browsers, not to fix the shortcomings of any particular web browser.


Commonly-used network utility software

GlobalProtect provides access to a virtual private networking service maintained by the Networking and Telecommunication Services however is not guaranteed to work in every home or office networking environment.


Application installation support

The Service Desk will assist customers who are experiencing errors when trying to install or run these standard applications or any software accessed from TERPware. The Service Desk is not in a position to answer programming, development, or "how-to" questions regarding these applications. Customers may wish to consult the Help files in these applications or take training courses in order to learn how to use these programs.


Operating system support

The Service Desk strives to support the newest versions of these operating systems. The support goal of the Service Desk is to ensure you can use the system normally and to provide basic troubleshooting for usage errors and virus/spyware infection detection and removal.