Overview of Wireless Sponsored Accounts

A wireless sponsored account is a temporary account that can be created by designated University of Maryland staff to provide access to the University's umd-guest wireless network. These accounts are intended for short-use scenarios (i.e., less than 90 days). If you have someone who needs access for a longer period of time, an affiliate account may be more appropriate.

NOTE: Campus visitors who belong to a campus with participating eduroam wireless accounts should connect to eduroam rather than use a sponsored guest account.

Create wireless sponsored accounts

Faculty and staff may sponsor up to 4 guest wireless accounts using the Wireless Sponsored Account tool.

Local Area Network (LAN) administrators are able to create sponsored wireless accounts. Contact your LAN administrator if you require bulk wireless accounts. LAN administrators are designated by your local Departmental Data Representative (DDR). Find your LAN administrator and DDR by department: Department Representatives, Business Managers and LAN Administrators.

LAN administrators may request accounts using the Wireless Sponsored Account tool in SIMS.


University of Maryland, Global College (UMGC), faculty, staff and students can connect to the UMD eduroam wireless network. For more information about this, please see Connect to the UMD eduroam Wireless Network as an UMGC Associate.

Format for wireless accounts

Wireless sponsored accounts are automatically generated using the sponsor's Directory ID as a prefix followed by a hyphen and incremental number (DirectoryiID-number). The Wireless Sponsored account holder's username should be in lower case. For example, Joe User requests four accounts; they would be generated as juser-1, juser-2, juser-3, and juser-4. Upon creation of the accounts, you will be immediately provided with the account information. Please make sure you supply that information to your associates.

Resetting a guest account passphrase

If an account holder forgets their passphrase, select the Passphrase Reset button next to the appropriate account on the main Wireless Sponsored Account tool.

Deleting a guest wireless account

If an account holder leaves prior to the expiration of the account, you should delete the account. This can be done from the Wireless Sponsored Account tool.