List of Dotfile Aliases for Use in TerpConnect

This page is based on Dotfiles (AC-16) from MIT. It has been modified to reflect the TerpConnect computer system environment. These files should not be removed from your account unless you know what you are doing.

Here are some examples of useful aliases you may want to put in your ~/.cshrc~/.login.mine file. Anything on a line after a # are comments. Comments are ignored when the file is sourced. Comments are useful to explain what purpose commands serve.

# Misc. Hacks
alias cleanup 'delete -v *~ .*~ #* #.*' #deletes autosave and other files to reduce quota

alias del 'delete -v' #makes the delete command verbose

alias exp 'expunge -v"

alias f 'finger' #shortens commands

alias hi 'history'

alias motd 'get_message' #displays the message of the day

alias mroe 'more' #makes a common typo work anyway

alias so 'source' #shortens a command

alias fastmouse 'xset m 30 6' #sets the mouse speed

alias ns fx'firefox &'

# Zephyr

alias zl 'zlocate'

alias z 'zwrite'

alias zn 'znol -l | zwrite $user &' #sends a zephyr to you with a znol listing

alias zlcn 'zwrite -c long-class-name' #shortens a long command

alias wm 'echo "Zephyr White Magic"; z -i white-magic' 

# Prompt stuff

alias cd 'set old=$cwd; chdir \!*;chdir .'

#cd saves the last directory you were in

back 'set back =$old;set old=$cwd;cd $back;unset back'

#returns you to the last directory you were in.

alias pmpt 'set prompt = "z:~: "'

alias pmpt2 'set prompt = "\n<%h>%M:%d\n%%"'

#sets the prompt to display info about the number of commands run, what directory you are

#in and the machine you are logged into.