Manually Back Up a Computer Using the Tivoli Storage Manager for Macintosh

NOTE:This knowledge base entry is relevant for older versions of Tivoli Storage Manager that the Division of Information Technology (DivIT) will cease supporting in the near future.  It has been maintained here temporarily as DivIT migrates data backup services to a new architecture. Visit for updated service information and to request migration to the updated backup service environment.

Tivoli Storage Manager will automatically be scheduled to perform a backup every night without customer intervention. However, at times, it may be desirable to perform a manual backup.

  1. Open the Applications folder. Open Tivoli Storage Manager.
  2. You have two options. Customers should run TSM Backup for backup and restores of their files.
    TSM Backup for Administrators will require an Administrator equivalent account and allows for the backup and restore of system files in addition to personal files.
  3. Click the Backup Button.
  4. Place a Check mark next to each item you wish to backup.
    • Please note that items in the exclude list will not be visible in the backup window.
    • A default exclude list is pushed down from the server. Directories are available only in the left window pane.
    • These check marks will flow through all subdirectories, marking both files and directories.
    • Files are available only in the right window pane.
    • Check marks placed in the right window pane will not flow to any other files or directories.
  5. Once all the requested files have been marked, you may select the Estimate button to see the number of items selected and the total size. Do not expect the time estimate to be accurate.
  6. When ready, click the Backup button to begin the backup of the selected files.
  7. A progress meter is shown as each file is transferred. This allows you to verify that data is being sent.
    Further information can be displayed by clicking the Details button. The resulting Detailed Report can be closed using the X in the top left corner.
  8. After the backup has completed (or been canceled), the detailed report will be displayed.
    Close the detailed report to return to backup screen. If the TSM Backup client was used only files that the customer has rights to will have been backed up and an error may be reported.