Web Authorizers and College Abbreviations for ADVISE on the Web

Agriculture & Natural Resources (AGNR)

Authorizer: Evelyn Cooper

E-mail: ecooper@umd.edu

Phone: x57044

Address:0109 Symons Hall

Architecture (ARCH)

Authorizer: Carl Bovill

E-mail: bovill@umd.edu

Phone: x56305

Address: Architecture Building

Arts & Humanities (ARHU)

Authorizer: Jessica White

E-mail: jcwhite@umd.edu

Phone: x52109

Address: 1120 Francis Scott Key Hall 


Authorizer: Audran Downing

E-mail: audran@umd.edu

Phone: x52112

Address: 1120 Francis Scott Key Hall


Authorizer: Julie Wright

E-mail: jwright@umd.edu

Phone: x52101

Address: 1102 Francis Scott Key Hall 

Athletics (ATHL)

Authorizer: Ryan Bowles

E-mail: rbowles@umd.edu

Phone: x47083

Address: 1614 Comcast Center 

Robert H. Smith School of Business (BGMT)

Authorizer: Patricia Cleveland

E-mail: pclevela@umd.edu

Phone: x52292

Address: 1308 Van Munching Hall


Authorizer: Brian Horick

E-mail: bhorick@umd.edu

Phone: x52293

Address: 1570E Van Munching Hall


Authorizer: Michael Marcellino

E-mail: mmarcell@umd.edu

Phone: x5-0010

Address: 2308 Van Munching Hall 

College of Behavioral & Social Sciences (BSOS)

Authorizer: Christie Cradock

E-mail: ccradock@umd.edu

Phone: x51697

Address: 2148 Tydings Hall


Authorizer: Sheila Goebel

E-mail: sgoebel@umd.edu

Phone: x51697

Address: 2148 Tydings Hall 

College of Library & Info Services (CLIS)

Authorizer: Cassandra Jones

E-mail: cbjones@umd.edu

Phone: x52038

Address: 4105 Hornbake Library 

College Park Scholars (CPS) 

Authorizer: Greig Stewart

E-mail: gstewart@umd.edu

Phone: x50531

Address: 1125 Cumberland Hall 

Computer, Mathematical, and Natural Sciences (CMNS)

Authorizer: Paul Smith

E-mail: pjs@umd.edu

Phone: x52327

Address: 3423 A.V. Williams Building 


Authorizer: Lisa Bradley

E-mail: lbradley@umd.edu

Phone: x52080

Address: 1302A Symons Hall 

Education (EDUC)

Authorizer: Kathy Angeletti

E-mail: kangel@umd.edu

Phone: x52358

Address: 3205 Benjamin Building 


Authorizer: Janis Cornell-DeMoss

E-mail: jcdemoss@umd.edu

Phone: x52364

Address: 1203 Benjamin Building 

Engineering (ENGR)

Authorizer: Jane Fines

E-mail: jfines@umd.edu

Phone: x53857

Address: 1131 Glenn Martin Hall


Authorizer: Jennifer (Jenna) Bucci

E-mail: jdolan@umd.edu

Phone: x53455

Address: 1131 Glenn Martin Hall


Authorizer: Rebecca Kenemuth

E-mail: rzonies@umd.edu

Phone: x59973

Address: 1131 Glenn Martin Hall 

Graduate School (GRAD)

Authorizer: Cynthia Hale

E-mail: chale@umd.edu

Phone: x54205

Address: 2125 Lee Building 

Gemstone Program (GEMS)

Authorizer: Vickie Claflin

E-mail: vclaflin@isr.umd.edu

Phone: x56564

Address: 2157 A.V. Williams Building 

Honors Program (HONR)

Authorizer: Dean Hebert

E-mail: dhebert@umd.edu

Phone: x56775

Address: 1113 Anne Arundel Hall


Authorizer: Bill Dorland

E-mail: bdorland@umd.edu

Phone: x56771

Address: 1113 Anne Arundel Hall 

Journalism (JOUR)

Authorizer: Olive Reid

E-mail: oreid@umd.edu

Phone: x52433

Address: 1100J Knight Hall 

Library (LIBR)

Authorizer: Charles Lowry

E-mail: clowry@umd.edu

Phone: x59127

Address: 6131 McKeldin Library 

Multi-Ethnic Student Education (OMSE)

Authorizer: Jennifer Jackson

E-mail: jvjackso@umd.edu

Phone: x55620

Address: 1101 Hornbake Library 

Office of Extended Studies (OES)

Authorizer: Chuck Wilson

E-mail: chuckw@umd.edu

Phone: x50338

Address: 0132 Main Administration Building 

Office of International Services (OIS)

Authorizer: Barbara Varsa

E-mail: bvarsa@umd.edu

Phone: x47745

Address: 3125 Holzapfel Hall 

Office of the Registrar

Authorizer: Jackie Vander Velden

E-mail: jvander@umd.edu

Phone: x48225

Address: 1130 Mitchell Building 

President's Office (PRES)

Authorizer: Sapienza Barone

E-mail: sbarone@umd.edu

Phone: x55790

Address: 1108 Main Administration Building 

Public Affairs (PUAF)

Authorizer: Anthony Savia

E-mail: asavia@umd.edu

Phone: x56335

Address: 2113D Van Munching Hall 

School of Public Health (SPHL)

Authorizer: Colleen Farmer

E-mail: cfarmer@umd.edu

Phone: x52473

Address: 2242B SPH Building 

Student Affairs (STUAF)

Authorizer: Warren Kelley

E-mail: wkelley@umd.edu

Phone: x48436

Address: 2108 Mitchell Building 

Undergraduate Admissions (UGADM)

Authorizer: Barbara Gill

E-mail: bgill@umd.edu

Phone: x48350

Address: 0101A Mitchell Building 

Undergraduate Studies (UGST)

Authorizer: Kathryn Robinson

E-mail: kkaram@umd.edu

Phone: x59976

Address: 2130 Mitchell Building 


Authorizer: Deborah Bryant (Letters & Sciences)

E-mail: dbryant@umd.edu

Phone: x49457

Address: 1117 Hornbake Library


Authorizer: Eric Johnson (Letters & Sciences)

E-mail: johnsone@umd.edu

Phone: x48418

Address: 1117 Hornbake Library 

Vice President for Academic Affairs & Provost (VPAAP)

Authorizer: Rod Richardson

E-mail: rrichard@umd.edu

Phone: x56817

Address: 2119A Main Administration Building