Backup to Your TerpConnect Account

University of Maryland (UMD) students are provided with a TerpConnect account when they attend summer orientation prior to their first semester at UMD or when they select their Directory ID. All members of the UMD community are eligible for a TerpConnect account. If you don't have a TerpConnect account, please file a ticket with the Service Desk.

Each TerpConnect account is allotted 5 Gigabytes (GB) of space on the UNIX server. You can use it for UNIX shell access, programming, class research, hosting a basic website or as a storage area for important files. Two advantages to using your TerpConnect account to store your important files are:

You can access the available file space in your TerpConnect account from a computer connected to the Internet via SCP or SFTP Protocols. WinSCP (Windows) or Fetch (Mac) are two applications that support SCP and SFTP. You can also access your TerpConnect files via the web at